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Modecom MC-1D90SA AC adapter for Samsung 90W


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Tootekood: ZL-MC-1D90SA Garantii:  24 kuud
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  • Tüüp: AC (vahelduvvool)/DC (alalisvool)
  • Võimsus (W): 90
  • Sisendpinge: 100-240V 50 - 60Hz
  • Sobivad sülearvuti tootjad: Samsung
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Kuine makse: 2.62
MODECOM Modecom MC-1D90SA AC adapter for Samsung 90W Modecom MC-1D90SA AC adapter for Samsung 90W
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

MODECOM ROYAL MC-1D90SA is the latest model of  modern laptop adapter, compatible with available on the market SAMSUNG® laptops which power consumption does not exceed 90W.   By using our power adapter, you can be sure that your mobile computer is always loaded by current with constant voltage. Thanks to highest quality components MODECOM ROYAL MC-1D90SA is currently one of the most advanced laptop power adapter on the market.

Power adapter is compatible with SAMSUNG laptops with the input power supply which is matched to the 19V plug with size 5.5mm x 3.4mm.

To provide maximum safety level for your mobile computer, ROYAL MC-1D90SA power adapter was equipped with advanced security filters. Moreover,  built-in PFC's circuit helps to achieve very high efficiency while reducing energy consumption. Highest security level of ROYAL MC-1D90SA confirm certificates: CE, ROHS. 
ZL-MC-1D90SA 19.13
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