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E-Blue Mazer Mousepad Medium


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Tootekood: 695801220165 Garantii:  24 kuud
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Toode pole hetkel saadaval
E-BLUE E-Blue Mazer Mousepad Medium E-Blue Mazer Mousepad
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Mazer series, with "splash of ink" for the logo, it is made to bring out a vivid and cool style of the series. To be extra-ordinary cool is the character of Mazer, we are here to let you become unique and unrivalled.

The mesh is processed under extreme temperature with a flat and smooth surface. Therefore, you can exercise a swift and accurate control. Splash of ink is used for the design of the mouse pad. It aims to bring users a vivid and energetic style. The knitted edge of the mouse pad is both exquisite and smooth. Your palm will not feel tired even for prolonged use. The mouse pad is light-weight and can be rolled up in the package. You can bring it everywhere.
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