Aquaphor Onyx 4.2l Black Plus 3 PCS Magnesium Cartridges

Aquaphor Onyx 4.2l Black Plus 3 PCS Magnesium Cartridges

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17,46 / tk
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Toote tüüp Veefilterkannud
Kaubamärk Aquaphor
Maht 4.2 l
Mõõtmed 18.5 x 18.5 x 27.7 cm
Garantii 24 kuud


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Aquaphor Onyx 4.2l Black Plus 3 PCS Magnesium Cartridges

A jug in a vintage style, combining elements of modern design and contemporary design. The oval casing with a handy handle for securely holding a large water capacity with a convenient water filling system in the lid is the perfect choice for people who appreciate the convenience of use. The tradition intertwining with modernism fits perfectly into trends, which makes Onyx an absolute must-woman for a modern housewife. Made in a technology that allows obtaining a uniform shape without visible joints of the injection mold. This jug is made of glass acrylic - a very light material that is safe and resistant to breakage. AQUAPHOR jugs with interchangeable B25 Maxfor filter cartridges are NIZP-PZH certified and have a positive IMID opinion. They provide the highest level of filtration of drinking water on the market and are characterized by the highest efficiency due to the use of Aqualen fibers.

The set contains AQUAPHOR B25 Maxfor Mg2 + cartridges, which are the latest Aquaphor technological achievement. Thanks to the unique properties of filtration materials developed by AQUAPHOR, the filter cartridge not only prevents limescale formation, but also cares for our heart, enriching water with magnesium. B25 Maxfor Mg2 + contains Aqualen fiber, thanks to which it effectively removes heavy metal ions (eg mercury, lead) and removes from water, among others chlorine, phenol, pesticides, iron, eliminating the unpleasant taste and smell of water.

  • a unique look,
  • large capacity works well at home or business,
  • does not require installation,
  • tilting lid facilitates filling with water,
  • has a mechanical indicator of cartridge consumption,
  • prevents the formation of scale on household appliances ,
  • removes harmful substances,
  • eliminates the unpleasant taste and smell of water,
  • efficiency up to 200 l or up to 60 days depending on the water quality,
  • developed especially for Polish water,
  • made of high quality materials resistant to damage,
  • compatible with AQUAPHOR B25 cartridges.

Removed impurities:

AQUAPHOR filter cartridges significantly reduce the amount of the most harmful substances found in the tap water. Belong to them:

  • chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds,
  • heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper,
  • petroleum products,
  • phenols.

  • Vahetatav filtri tüüp: B100-25
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