BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 PSU Cable 5x 20cm Red

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Kaubamärk BitFenix
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Täiendav info 5x kaabel ilma pistikuteta. Värv: punane. Pikkus: 200 mm. Hülsi läbimõõt: 3 mm
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Sleeved cables are not just for modding experts, at least not anymore. In the past, only absolute enthusiasts tackled the elaborate and rather risky sheathing of the thin and thick wires in the PC - and sometimes uplifted the craft to art. Thanks to BitFenix, every PC user can be an artist today! Even if you do not have a modular power supply with detachable cables (compatible with the ready-to-use BitFenix ​​complete sets), you do not have to do without high-quality sleeve cables. 

With the sets of five individual sleeve cables without connectors it is possible to put together extensions for different power supply cables according to your own color requirements in combination with corresponding black connectors and sockets of the BitFenix ​​connector packs (not included in delivery). BitFenix ​​offers a total of eleven sets of 20, 40 or 60 cm lengths that can be combined in the following colors: blue, yellow, gray, green, light blue, purple, light green, orange, red, black and white. 

The result is countless color combinations and three possible lengths for customization of the 24-pin ATX power, 4- or 8-pin ATX12V / EPS12V and 6 or 8-pin PCIe power extension cable. For example, according to Adam Riese, when using the respective BitFenix ​​Connector Pack, at least two sleeved sets of 5 are required for an 8-pin PCIe power cable for graphics cards and at least five sleeved 5-set for a 24-pin ATX power cable for motherboards. In order to let the creativity run free, the composition of the extensions only a simple and quickly done craft work is needed.

Each individual cable harness is surrounded by its own sleeve, which looks fantastic and ensures maximum flexibility of the entire cable. Stubborn cables that simply do not want to go where they should go? Old news! BitFenix ​​'high-quality material for the sleevings is a specially designed textile fabric that meets even the highest demands of experienced modders, as it is softer and more flexible than nylon covers, but nevertheless incomparably tight woven and therefore one hundred percent opaque. 

The processing of BitFenix ​​'sleeved cables is impeccable, which is visually pleasing as well as haptic immediately noticeable when you take the cables for the first time in the hand. Also an absolute plus in comparison to some competitors: BitFenix ​​completely dispenses with heat shrink tubing at the junctions between wires and plugs. Instead, the colored textile covers go directly into the (here optional) black connectors, so that no stale heatshrinks disturb the perfect visual impression. 

Technical details:
  • Sleeve material: textile
  • Quantity: 5x single-sleeve cable without connectors
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