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Blaupunkt AFD-601


Tootekood: 389786

94,99 / tk
Kohaletoimetamise summa alates 7,99 €*. Eeldatav tarne 4. november
* Tarne hinna arvutatamisel arvestatakse nii teenustasu kui toote kaalu: 8.00 kg
Kauba kättesaamine kauplusest on tasuta. Täidame tellimuse eeldatavalt 4. november
Tarne pakiautomaati 0,00 €*. Kauba kohaletoimetamine eeldatavalt 4. november

Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Kuumaõhufritüürid
Kaubamärk Blaupunkt
Mudel AFD-601
Võimsus 1500 W
Värv Valge
Materjal Plastik, Roostevaba teras
Mahutatava toote kaal kilogrammides.
2.5 l
Kui seadistatud aeg on möödas, ja toit on valmis, lülitub seade automaatselt välja.
Automaatne väljalülitus Ei
Töötemperatuur 150 - 200 °C
Nakkumatu kate Jah
Reguleeritav temperatuur parema lõpptulemuse saavutamiseks.
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Mõõtmed: 28,1 х 34,8 х 32,6 cm. Kaal: 4,8 kg. Taimer: 1 tund. LCD ekraan
Blaupunkt AFD-601
Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles:

AFD601 is a top quality multifunction fat-free deep fat fryer with which you can easily prepare delicious, crispy from the outside and soft fries inside, as well as seafood, meat and vegetables. The device has the function of frying, baking, grilling and heating, which makes AFD601 your irreplaceable helper in the kitchen when preparing various dishes.

It is also irreplaceable in the kitchen of those of us who care about healthy nutrition and minimizing the amount of fat used to prepare daily meals for the whole family. In addition, the service of the deep fryer is very simple, and at the same time fast, so in a few moments we can prepare a wholesome meal for your loved ones.

Air fryers are characterized by a very low consumption of oil, which means that we will use it much less to prepare dishes than by frying French fries in a traditional way. Until now, lovers of fries and other fried dishes had to take into account the unpleasant health consequences of their culinary preferences.

In addition, oil is often used repeatedly, which adversely affects its properties. With the ADF601 deep fryer this problem is a thing of the past. Thanks to the use of very little fat and easy cleaning, you can be sure that you will reduce the harmful effects of this food to a minimum. In addition, the air fryer produces much less smoke and odors than conventional appliances of this type.


The AFD601 fryer operates by means of a whirlwind of warm air, ensuring uniform heating of food. The deep-fryer aluminum chamber and a 2.5-liter basket are coated with a DuPont Teflon® coating, which guarantees that the food is not left to the surface and makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. No more scratching the adhering fat. A specially designed separator will allow you to prepare two dishes at the same time, eg French fries and chicken cutlet or vegetables. The high grate will facilitate the placement of several layers of food and ensure proper air circulation between the fried ingredients. Everyone can say something to their liking.

Nowadays, we pay attention to the fact that the devices that will stay in our kitchen interiors are not only functional, but also blend well with our style, eg cabinets, top. The decisive advantage of this fryer is its appearance. Elegant, minimalist design is a choice for connoisseurs who, apart from the unmatched quality and the highest efficiency of the device, also appreciate its appearance. The combination of universal white with a steel panel will be a perfect complement to any modern kitchen.

The deep fryer has a large, readable LCD display that provides temperature and heating time. Below are convenient buttons that you can use to turn the device on or off, set the time (up to 1 hour) and the temperature (from 150 to 200 ° C) and the fryer's operating mode. There are accessories for the deep fryer: separator and high grate.

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