Dulcop Paw Patrol Maxi Bubbles 175ml

Dulcop Paw Patrol Maxi Bubbles 175ml

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5,33 / tk
5,33 / tk
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Sleever seal
Dulcop is the first and unique manufacturer of soap bubbles to introduce the safety sleeved seal on the entire production of standard 60ml tubs. Born from the experience of our R&D department, this enhancement avoids unwantend openings granting both to the trader and to the customer fresh and intact bubble tubs.

Toy in the lid
Created by Dulcop in the 70s, the maze and plastic ball in the lid are distinctive marks of our soap bubbles, able to offer a multi-play engagement.

The Dulcop built-in wand fish the liquid directly without spilling or dunking the fingers into the liquid, differently from any other soap bubbles in the market which are not built-in. The safer the healthier.

The liquid produced by Dulcop, with a pleasant smell, guarantee the highest safety standards. All batches of our liquid are daily ananlyzed and certified by independent and accredited bodies of international standard such as Istituto Italiano Sicurezza Giocattoli (UL laboratory, ACCREDIA accredited n.0302).
The solution combines safety and high performance of play. For several years we have been excluding the use of dangerous preservatives like Kathon (see F.A.Q.) and we only use the same purified microfilteres water used in cosmetics. Dulcop Special solution grants a specific equipment of our Refill line and bubble-toys with even better performances.
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