Lamptron Modding Tool Kit MT-1Black

Lamptron Modding Tool Kit MT-1Black

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Kaubamärk Lamptron
Kuulub komplekti Molex kontaktide eemaldaja
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Pikkus: 102 mm. Materjal: teras (CNC freesitud). Kaal: 42,5 g. Mõeldud järgmistele ühendustele: 4- pin Molex (male). 4- pin Molex (female) floppy. 3/4-pin fan (female). ATX (20 + 4-pin, 24-pin. ATX 4 + 4-pin. 6 - / 8-pin PCIe
Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles: 

Anyone who regularly twists around on his computer, wishes individual solutions for style and equipment and also likes to assemble them himself, is essentially dependent on high-quality tools for the implementation of creative ideas. The range of high quality, high durability tools presented here is specifically designed for, but not limited to, various PC applications. 

The modification of power cables offers an interesting opportunity to additionally enhance the appearance of the PC and adapt it to personal requirements. In so-called sleeving, the cables can either be provided with a new sleeve or the existing one can be replaced. With a variety of color variations and UV-active coatings, the cables can also be an eye-catcher. 

This is a set of Lamptron. This consists of a stable support in rod form, which is made of high quality steel. On top of it can be mounted five enclosed tools, each designed for a different type of connection. 

All power cables are supported in the PC and pushed out with the respective tool. After disconnecting, the cables are fitted with a new sleeve and shrink tubing and reconnected to the connector. Please observe the safety regulations when handling live hardware. Modifications in this area can lead to serious breakdowns, failures and accidents, which is why all modifications are at your own risk. 

Technical details:
  • Length: 102 mm
  • Material: steel (CNC milled)
  • Weight: 42.5 g
  • Color: Black
  • Suitable for the following connections: 
    4- pin Molex (male) 
    4- pin Molex (female) floppy, 3/4-pin fan (female) 
    ATX (20 + 4-pin, 24-pin 
    ATX 4 + 4-pin, 6 - / 8-pin PCIe
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