Purina Dog Chow Active with Chicken 14kg

Purina Dog Chow Active with Chicken 14kg

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38,38 / tk
38,38 / tk
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Kuivtoit koertele
Kaubamärk Purina
Kaal 14 kg
Viide koerte vanusele, kellele toit on mõeldud (kutsikas, juunior, täiskasvanud ja seenior). On ka toidud, mis sobivad kõigile vanusegruppidele.
Koera suurus
Viide koera suurusele (juhindudes koerte kaalust) ja tüübile, kellele toit on mõeldud. On ka toit tõukoertele (Breed).
Koostis VIT. RE: 24 150; VIT. D3:1 380; VIT. e 115. mg/kg: E1:306; (I) (E2): 3.8; CU (E4): 43,8; MN (E5): 23,4; Zn (E6): 494. Antioksüdante.
Täiendav info Alates 1. eluaastast. Kanalihaga.
Purina Dog Chow Active with Chicken
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:
Purina Dog Chow nutrition 100% complete and balanced specifically designed for active adult dogs and working dogs helping to keep muscles strong and continuous energy needs throughout the day.

Purina Dog Chow we understand and respect the dogs who enjoy an outdoor active, healthy and happy life: either running up the mountain, passionately across a river or a walk in the Park. We know that your dog needs change throughout the course of his life, and find the power you need in every moment is an important part of your care. Purina with its 85 years of experience in nutrition and behavior of dogs, has carefully developed the Purina Dog Chow range at each age, the power you need. Our foods are made to measure to provide proper nutrition at every stage of your life. Purina Dog Chow feeds its active curiosity and infectious enthusiasm for life in a healthy way.

Features and benefits:
For all the dogs that need a high level of energy and activity.
With high levels of proteins and fats that help replenish energy for your active dog deposits during periods of activity.
Purina Dog Chow Active is also suitable for working dogs and hunting dogs.
Croquettes of two sizes for proper oral hygiene. Purina Dog Chow croquettes are designed to encourage chewing and maintain proper oral hygiene. This combination of croquettes has been tested carefully by our nutritionists and breeders, ensuring that they are appropriate and for the enjoyment of adult dogs of different breeds. With essential amino acids for strong muscles and promote muscle repair helping your active partner to stay in shape. Purina Dog Chow recipe Active is formulated to help maintain an ideal weight even during demanding periods of training. High levels of antioxidants that help your active partner to deal with external challenges during intense activity, promoting to keep it in optimal conditions. Purina Dog Chow recipes contain sugar beet pulp which helps to regulate intestinal transit and to improve the quality of faeces.

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