ViceVersa Dinner Plate "The Dot" 28cm Yellow

ViceVersa Dinner Plate "The Dot" 28cm Yellow

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8,90 / tk
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Toote tüüp Taldrikud
Kaubamärk ViceVersa
Läbimõõt 280 mm
Värv Kollane, Valge
Materjal Portselan
Komplekti osade arv 1
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ViceVersa Dinner Plate "The Dot" 28cm Yellow
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

With the set of 6 The Dot dinner plates you’re covered for all aspects of dinner. The combo drawn up by Viceversa offers a simple, basic and in-depth design. The characteristic of these dishes is the coloured circle drawn on the inner perimeter of the plate and matching dot same in the centre, almost as if the dishes serve as real targets for soup plates, making for a fascinating and unusual solution. Setting the table with these dishes means mixing and matching with design to achieve a visual effect of sure-fire success. Your table’s appearance will without a doubt be emphasized by the beauty of this product. The set of 6 The Dot dinner plates perfectly adapt to a modern, elegant dining room, characterized by furniture and the latest home appliances. Its versatility, however also means it goes well with a simpler style in a traditional kitchen. The set also pairs nicely with other soup plates or fruit dishes from the same line. With these sets on your side, have no fear in creating custom settings that reflect any and every occasion. The plates are meant for the second course but also for any sort of dish with a polished touch. The set of 6 colourful The Dot dinner plates are easy on the eyes at first glance. They’re your go-to choice when setting the table for guests or even when setting a roast out on display. These dishes jazz up your most important dinners, or even with relatives you rarely see and want to spend memorable holidays with. Even using them for New Year's Eve with friends will surely garner complements as the table is lavishly draped by the set of 6 The Dot dinner plates. Not microwave or oven safe.
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