Warrior Chairs Sport Extreme Gaming Chair Black/Red

Warrior Chairs Sport Extreme Gaming Chair Black/Red


Tootekood: 547939

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Toote tüüp Toolid
Kaubamärk Warrior Chairs
Istumisosa materjal Kunstnahk
Värv Must, Punane
Kaal 24 kg


Laius 380 mm
Kõrgus 1240 - 1320 mm


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Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Silikoonist rattad
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

Do you like sports competition? Do you love football, basketball, volleyball, tennis or maybe car racing? Spectacular escapes by cars, motorbikes, speedboat and even a helicopter? Perhaps you are now an ex-gang member, a police officer or a lone avenger. To achieve victory is not enough to be clever, cunning, fast or to be a good tactician. Just like in the real world, you must have great equipment here that will never let you down, which will support you in achieving the best results.

We know it perfectly because we love sports because we give you a fantastic SPORT EXTREME ® - An armchair created for players who love to win anytime, anywhere! This is an armchair for those who do not accept compromises!

Feel the spirit of competition and the taste of victory!

  • The bucket shape and a set of cushions will ensure the comfort of the game.
  • The chair is made of the highest quality synthetic leather.
  • Excellent in cleaning and resistant to abrasion.
  • Soft silicone wheels that do not scratch floors.
  • The mechanism used allows you to tilt the backrest.
  • Tilt: a system that allows you to swing in your chair.
  • Soft and comfortable armrests with adjustable height.
  • The original SPORT EXTREME chair design - the only one on the market!
  • Join the owners of these unique armchairs and ...

Become a Winner with Warrior Chairs!

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