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Crucial 16GB 2400MHz CL17 DDR4 DIMM ECC CT16G4RFD824A


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Код товара: CT16G4RFD824A Гарантия:  24 месяцев
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Главные параметры товара:

  • Тип памяти: DDR4
  • Объем памяти: 16 ГБ
  • Частота шины: 2400 МГц
  • CL: 17
  • Стандартное напряжение: 1.2V
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Ежемесячный платёж: 19.08
CRUCIAL Crucial 16GB 2400MHz CL17 DDR4 DIMM ECC CT16G4RFD824A Crucial 16GB 2400MHz CL17 DDR4 DIMM ECC CT16G4RFD824A
Описание товара на английском языке:

The 16GB DDR4 2400 MHz RDIMM Memory Module from Crucial provides an additional 16GB of registered memory for your server. This 288-pin memory module is designed to run at a 2400 MHz frequency (PC4-19200) with a CAS latency of 17. When compared to DDR3, DDR4 memory processes data faster while requiring only 1.2V of power. By offering Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) technology, this RAM will help your workstation encounter fewer errors that can corrupt data sets and introduce system issues. This registered memory module places fewer electrical loads on the memory controller and allows systems to remain stable with more memory modules than they would have otherwise. Moreover, Crucial has outfitted the dual-ranked memory module with x8-based chips.


High-density components offer increased performance in smaller modules
Up to 20% more energy efficient than DDR3 memory
Tested for server performance reliability
CT16G4RFD824A 185.98
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