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DELL Dock DS1000 with Monitor Stand


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  • Тип: Док-станции
  • Совместимые производители ноутбуков: Dell
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DELL DELL Dock DS1000 with Monitor Stand
DELL Dock DS1000 with Monitor Stand
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The Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand creates a convenient docking experience in your workspace, featuring a combined dock and stand that connects to the wall via a one power cable.

Single Cable Connectivity
Streamline your workspace with the Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand. Featuring a powerful USB-Type C™ cable connection, you can quickly connect your laptop or tablet to a single data and power source. You'll also enjoy an easy, reliable connection from your laptop or tablet to dual FHD displays or a single 4K UHD display at 30 Hz, plus all of your essential daily devices and accessories. It also has tilt and pivot features that allow you to adjust the display to a comfortable position. The Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand supports VESA quick release on Dell E & P & UltraSharp series monitors from 19” to 27” (Dell VESA Adapter Plate included in the box for E-series monitor support).

Integrated design with superior cable management
The Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand is compact in size—just 12.4x7.7x16.7inches (315x195x426mm)—and has one single power cable that connects both your dock and display to the wall. It also features cable management within the stand's tower, hiding unsightly cables from your view and out of your workspace. Place it virtually anywhere you work with your display—in your traditional office desktop or a shared hot desk—even if space is limited.

One Dock for all
The Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand is compatible with select Dell laptops, workstations, tablets and other compatible non-Dell devices with USB-Type C™ connectivity. Easily connect to displays, printers, a mouse, keyboard and audio devices through the Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand from your compatible system of choice. It also supports features such as Wake on Lan, PXE Boot, MAC address pass through, and Dock firmware update, when used with compatible Dell systems.

Enhanced Video Performance
USB Type-C™ connectivity provides reliable, single-cable connectivity for high-quality performance that enables crisp, clear video, text and images.

What`s in the Box
  • Dell Business Dock with Monitor Stand
  • DisplayPort over USB Type-C™ Cable
  • Power Cable
  • VESA adapter plate
452-BCJK 269.70
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