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AeroMoov Air Layer Car Seat 0+ Coral


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Код товара: AL-0-CO Гарантия:  24 месяцев

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AeroMoov AeroMoov Air Layer Car Seat 0+ Coral AeroMoov Air Layer Car Seat 0+
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The AeroMoov Air Layer prevents your child from sweating in the buggy, maxi-cosi or car seat. The special layer keeps your baby fresh and dry and ensures that excursions and travelling during hot weather are carefree, both for you and your child!

Advantages of the Air Layer

  • Constant air circulation around back, legs and head
  • Less risk of overheating
  • No wet back or sweaty hair anymore
  • No fussing around having to change clothes after a car journey

Unique 3D-technology

The Air Layer removes all the heat and allows fresh air to circulate. How? Thanks to the unique 3D-technology! This layer of air cannot be pressed down and ensures constant air circulation. A wet back, sweaty hair… you will notice the difference.

Soft absorbing organic cotton layer

Your child is sitting on a soft layer of organic cotton which also absorbs any sweat. This layer also keeps your buggy or car seat looking new longer.

Wash at 40°C

The Air Layer can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C. Dries quickly and can be reused practically immediately.

AL-0-CO 23.20
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