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Togu MyBall 75cm Red


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Toode pole hetkel saadaval
Togu Togu MyBall 75cm Red Togu MyBall
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What is a MyBall?
It is an inflatable exercise ball - made in Germany - made of high quality Ruton. The material is odorless and very resilient (max load up to 500 kg). It is free of latex and contains no forbidden phthalates

What is it good for?
It can help to strengthen the back, abdominal, leg and pelvic muscles. In addition this physio ball can also improve balance and can be utilized for spinal mobilization.

How does it work?
The MyBall is very elastic and its fluted surface provides additional slip resistance. It can be used as a dynamic instable component in rehabilitation and group training. Furthermore it is a versatile and effective training tool for a whole body training.

Hint: The first thing that impresses me as I sit down on the ball is its flexibility. In order to prevent falling off the ball I automatically assume an upright posture. I keep up my balance and improve it by moving my bottom in various directions. As I lay on the MyBall in a dorsal position, I roll up and down to strengthen my back musculature. For relaxation, I lay down with my back on the floor and rest my legs on the ball. Then I start to roll the ball to the left and right.

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